Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Photographing Iceland

Well, just recently got back from 12 days in Iceland. Not really intended as a photo-holiday, but very difficult not to spend the whole day looking through the lens.

The sheer variety of subjects poses some challenges in themselves. Took virtually all my kit, except the 50mm macro and a flash gun. The latter was a bit of a risk, but I assumed, correctly, that even if the nights were lengthening because we were relatively late in the season the chances of needing it would be minimal.

Also did without a tripod - I had both a monopod and a gorillapod slr-zoom with me, but didn't really use either.

The joy of Olympus kit is that it's relatively small. I got everything, including the chargers, spare batteries and cards, polarising and ND filters into a Lowepro Off-Trail 2 - a little waist/shoulder bag I can fully recommend.

I'll add a few shots to this blog in the coming days but for the moment, if you want to see a selection please visit my Picasa album

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