Wednesday, 24 February 2010

365 Challenge – Day 5 – 24 Feb 2010

Thought I’d have a stab at photographing one of my other hobbies today – which provides a whole set of challenges of its own.
I have a 60litre Biorb (a fancy goldfish bowl is another way of describing it). So I have the challenge of focussing through slightly grubby acrylic. To add to this it’s spherical which provides all sorts of issues with reflections and also plays havoc with the focussing, and the lighting is not that bright – in photography terms. By trial and error I found that I could get a reasonable shot (for a first attempt anyway) by pointing the flash to the ceiling and just dousing the whole lot in light. Then bumped up the contrast a bit. Focussing was just a matter of keeping the lens at 90 degree to the glass surface and waiting for a fish to swim by more or less parallel to the front of the lens (depth of field also being an issue). Whatever – I got there in the end, but it does seem to offer potential for a bit of fun on a rainy day.

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