Monday, 31 May 2010

365/101: 31 May 2010: Didn’t we have a wonderful time…

..the day we went to Chester. First proper visit – had previously been on business and managed to see the inside of the hotel. Day return from Carlisle was cheaper than the petrol so it seemed like a good day out. Weather wasn’t great, but at least it didn’t rain.
Thought Chester was OK, but am beginning to think it is possible to see too many ‘historic towns’. That said the walls were interesting, the amphitheatre was inaccessible and the Cathedral was impressive – and also surprisingly empty. Perhaps something to do with the £5 per person they charged for entry. Call me odd, but I’d willingly have volunteered that amount – it is, after all a stunning building - but I do sort of resent being charged for access to a church.
Anyhow – here’s the nave:

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