Monday, 10 May 2010

365/80: 10 May 2010: Every home should have one

Time to introduce another of my pets – Colin the Crayfish. More accurately, it should be Coleen the Crayfish as she produced about 50 young 3 weeks after I got her – but she was already Colin by that time and it stuck.
Currently she’s about 3 inches long, and appears to have stopped moulting for a while.  She certainly adds a bit of personality to my tank – its fascinating watching her walk about on her 6 back legs while feeding with the front 4. Probably not ideal if you’ve got spider-phobia though.
Not really sure what variety she is – but the fish-shop guy assures me that this is about as big as she’ll get. According to the books I may have her for 20 years.
PS – She does have two fairly hefty claws at the front, but doesn’t appear to want to use them.

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