Thursday, 17 June 2010

365/118: 17 June 2010: Crosscanonby Saltpans

3Now here’s a conundrum. The best view of Crosscanonby saltpans is from the top of the small hill opposite, which by chance also hosts an old Roman fort – Milefortlet 21.  For reasons which I think are to do with preventing petty vandalism and probably saving money the steps from the car park to the top of this hill have been removed. This means that access to the fort is available only to those who know it’s there and are prepared to take a risk. Such is life – i guess it’s the price we pay for morons.
But what I struggle to understand is why – given that they’ve made access impossible – the Council have now erected a ruddy great road sign announcing ‘Milefortlet 21’. I realise there have been a couple of tragic deaths in the area in recent years, so I would fully understand a warning sign – but why advertise an obviously interesting feature that no-one can get to? Anyone?
And I can’t leave this post without mentioning that the sunset was excellent this evening even by Solway standards – here’s a couple more shots - ‘cos I’m feeling generous :0)

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