Tuesday, 13 July 2010

365/144: 13 July 2010: Addiction?

You know you’re addicted to photography when you find yourself wondering if 15GB of memory card is going to be enough for a 14 day holiday – even if it is to Egypt.

The first hard disk drive to have a capacity of more than 1Gb was the IBM3380, which was first produced in 1980 (coincidentally the year I started work). It weighed in at 550 pound (250 kilos) – which would cause some serious excess baggage issues and store only around 2-300 pictures – which I could easily manage over a weekend in London.

So here’s to technological advance:


Oh – and I’d have to be seriously rich – 15 GB would have cost around $1.5million in 1980 – not to mention I’d have have needed a study big enough to take 15 washing machines.

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