Monday, 2 August 2010

365/152: 21 July 2010: Compensating for Something?

Ooh the pain! A 02:30 alarm call this morning so that we can join the convoy at 04:00 for the three hour trip to Abu Simbel. Journey there was like taking part in the Wacky Races, with loads of crazy minibus drivers vying to be first at the site.

And the temple really is BIG! Ramses II clearly thought that bigger was better and biggest was best. This seemed to extend to families as he had at least 8 Royal Wives and 48-50 sons and 40-53 daughters (presumably he had some non-royal wives as well!). You can see some of the kids standing between his feet, and there’s a whole temple next door dedicated to his favourite wife Nefertari.


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