Tuesday, 3 August 2010

365/158: 27 July 2010: Time for Bedouin

Tonight we’re in Dahab – famous for it’s laid-back hippy ethic according to the guide books. Not sure what that means but it’s certainly true that the market stall holders are less (make that much less) in your face than other hotspots, that people don’t hassle you for tips and that they all took friendliness to a new level. It’s about an hour up the coast from Sharm.

There was also an excellent  selection of eateries along the front, most of which offer Bedouin style dining and genuine Egyptian food as well as the usual tourist fare. Funny Mummy’s is perhaps the most famous example – as seen here, with floor cushions and low tables. Absolutely delightful and you could get a reasonable meal and drinks for three for well under £20. After an excellent day snorkelling at the Blue Hole what more could you need?


PS: If you get to the Blue Hole I can recommend Sinbad’s for equipment hire and food.

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