Thursday, 12 August 2010

365/172: 10 August 2010: Rural Wales

Travelled from Trawsfynydd to Oldbury this evening. Now normally I would head for Bala and pick up the road to Shrewsbury and the motorway, but it was a nice evening, and I had nothing else to do so I switched on the sat-nag to see where it would take me. The answer was a tour of rural Wales down through the Brecon beacons and on to Monmouth.

Took this shot in the delightful little village of Tretower which has an old fortified manor house, Tretower Court, as well as this castle. Extensive info here if you're interested.

Overall the trip didn’t seem to take much longer than the normal route and it was certainly much more scenic, although I wouldn’t fancy it on a wet winter evening.


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