Friday, 19 November 2010

365/272: 18 November 2010: Paramore Tonight

..and in the excitement I almost forgot to take a photo. Didn’t seem much point in taking a proper camera all the way to Newcastle to have it confiscated for the duration of the show, so grabbed a photo of the ticket on the way out.

As I've said to anyone who’ll listen – they played an excellent set – although the sound system was a bit iffy at times – way too much bass and the vocals sometimes too far back. Considering that they haven’t been around that long Hayley Williams played the crowd like a veteran – everyone sang, screamed, clapped, jumped to order and a good time appeared to be had by all.

Could have managed very well without B.o.B, the support act, though. Is it my imagination or do all rappers now sound like sad and inadequate pastiches of Eminem?

I wasn’t the oldest person in the arena – I saw at least (well actually, only) one other person who looked older than me (in poor light, through rose-tinted glasses).


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