Sunday, 19 December 2010

365/303: 19 December 2010: The Spirit of a Misplaced Childhood

Went to see Fish in Maryport tonight – special for two reasons – Fish is a class act and Ashley was in the support act (13 stars). Good on both fronts.
13 Stars were good – A seemed to enjoy himself.
First saw Fish in Marillion in 1981 at Reading but had not heard any of his solo material before. For once that didn’t seem to matter because the songs were so good. He had real stage presence and a great sense of drama in his delivery. Only sour note was that he didn’t play an encore because a couple of drunken scumbags wouldn’t shut up during the quiet numbers (of which there were lots because it was a semi-acoustic set) What is it with these people – why the hell pay all that cash for a gig simply to talk all the way through and spoil it for everyone else? Morons. I’m sure a good kicking would help them understand. Move on – it was a great gig.

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