Monday, 10 January 2011

365/324: 09 January 2011: Madeira

Tradition seems to have it then men should like super dry sherry as an aperitif – ignoring the fact that, obviously, real men don’t drink aperitifs (particularly before eating quiche). So – to hell with tradition. I particularly like amontillado style sherry, and like Malmsey Madeira even more.

Literary tradition suggests that this is a drink preferred by little old ladies who are about to set off to solve some specially horrid murder in a train full of rich people, but I find slurping a couple of glasses while carving the joint and turning the roasties is an excellent way to start a Sunday evening.

Right then, where are my slippers, my monocle and my knitting…ooo! Is that a gunshot and a blood-curdling scream I hear upstairs?


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