Saturday, 19 February 2011

365/365!: 19 February 2011: Yeeehaaa!! 365 project completed

This is my 365th photo so I’ve completed a photo every day for a year. Bad news I’m afraid – I’m thinking 1000 days seems like the next landmark.

An interesting day today – took the 08:30 train to Newcastle to see an exhibition at The Baltic. This would have been fine except there was some kind of signal failure at Prudhoe. In itself not a problem – these things happen, I’m British so, stiff upper lip and all that…but, note to Northern Rail – it really is crap to chuck 100 paying customers out into the pouring (and icy) rain with nothing except a vague promise of a replacement coach, and no information for the next 55 minutes – at which time we all baled out and took the service bus from Prudhoe station to Newcastle. By the time I’d reached the Baltic I was thoroughly cheesed off, freezing cold and concluding that I should just do the non-green thing and take a car next time. Oi - Northern Rail – are you listening – your customer service is rubbish!

Right rant over – I actually went to the Baltic to see some photos of Iceland by Dan Holdsworth – this one finishes today but I have to say if you’re that way it’s worth popping in to see the exhibitions by both George Shaw (paintings of social housing estates in Coventry done in Humbrol enamels – seriously) and the videos by Jesper Just.

Unsurprisingly – my 365th photo is of the Tyne from the Millennium Bridge – or the Eye as it’s often known.


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