Sunday, 20 March 2011

1000/391: 17 March 2011: Golden Ram Cichlid

1000/391 by nmonckton
1000/391 a photo by nmonckton on Flickr.
Some new fish to show off - although not for the best of reasons. I suffered a total tank collapse a couple of months back and virtually everything died. Not sure of the reasons - I checked the water chemistry basics like ammoinia and nitrite and they seemed fine. My best guess is that my gravel hoover was not working properly, and that during a major water change I stirred up enough muck to deplete the oxygen supply, becaue almost everythiugn keeled over simultaneously - the only survivors being a siamese figher (betta splendens) and a dwarf gourami - both of whch have the ability to nreath air from the surface. The betta died a couple of days later, probably of stress.

So - start again. Nice clean tank, introduce the fish slowly, keep the numbers low. This is the end of that process (I hope) - a Golden Ram Cichlid. This is the male - I have a female as well to keep him company. Very colourful and mild mannered..

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