Tuesday, 3 May 2011

1000/436: 02 May 2011: Morecambe, but probably not Wise

1000/436 by nmonckton
1000/436 a photo by nmonckton on Flickr.

Went to Morecambe today, and given that we were brought up with Eric and Ernie I guess this photo of my wife and sister-in-law was predictable - inevitable even - although I’m not sure that makes it more forgivable.

Sea front at Morecambe is lovely - they've obviously spent a lot of money on it . Pity they couldn't persuade the wind to stop blowing (or at least ease off a bit) while we were there, but I suspect we'll be back again.

On the way there we called at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis – their shiny new snow leopard was fast asleep, but there was plenty to see and go ‘Ahh!’ at.

P5025690.jpg             P5025693.jpgP5025695.jpg            P5025715.jpgP5025724.jpg            P5025700.jpg

In order of appearance – an unknown butterfly, a green iguana, a python, a pigmy marmoset, a squirrel monkey and spiny mice (who took my award for cute animal of the day).

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