Friday, 27 May 2011

1000/458a: 25 May 2011: Eye

1000/458a: 25 May 2011: Eye by nmonckton
1000/458a: 25 May 2011: Eye a photo by nmonckton on Flickr.

This one inspired by a photo of a whale's eye I saw in a book recently - it also reminds me of the eye hieroglyph you see in lots of 'Egyptian' writing.

It's actually a monkey puzzle tree - presumably they lose their lower branches at quite a rapid rate. Of course - it could be an ent.

It was a sunny evening today which made for a very pleasant stroll around the gardens at the Tortworth and also give the opportunity for idyllic shots like this one below:

1000/459a: 25 May 2011: Tortworth Gardens

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