Thursday, 30 June 2011

1000/493: 28 June 2011: The Mersey: A rural idyll

An interesting one this. If someone asked me to take a stab at what river this was the Mersey would be as far down the list as the Humber and the Clyde. Which just goes to show the value of a good brand reputation and the downside of a bad one.

This is, indeed , the Mersey about a half mile east of the Thelwall Viaduct and delightfully rural it is too. This section of the river appears to be given over to the Cheshire Cheese Fishing Club - a club which really needs a hyphen somewhere in it's name to help avoid the wilder flights of the imagination that 'cheese fishing' invokes. "There she blows Cap'n - the great white cheese herself!" "Ready with the cheese knife Ishmael!"

But I digress. I wish I'd discovered the riverside walks accesible from the Holiday Inn at Woolston Grange years ago - I feel I've missed out on some delightful evening strolls. There's even a tempting signpost to Rixton Clay Pits nature reserve to drag me further afield.

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