Thursday, 21 July 2011

1000/492: 08 July 2011: Interlaken and around

Decided to give our legs a bit of a break this morning and do some gentle ambling about on the flat. One of the joys of Switzerland is the quality of the transport network – another is the fact that as a tourist  you get a little pass from the hotel to use the local networks for free – so we took the train to Interlaken.

Weather was excellent as can be seen from this shot from our hotel balcony taken just before we set off. The building on the right is – very handily – the tourist information office.


Arrived in Interlaken Ost and wandered westward along the riverbank – wherever you go in Interlaken you can find views of the mountains.

Jungfrau from the bank of the Aare in Interlaken

Eventually we reached the  suburb of Unterseen – not sure if it’s technically a separate town – but it’s definitely older than the centre of Interlaken. It’s also equipped with the usual collection of horse drawn taxis, fountains and bowls of geraniums – and completely litter free.


After wandering through the newer part of town we spent an hour or so watching paragliders landing in a grassy area close to the town centre – this really is idyllic – it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Kind of wish I had the nerve to have a go at this – there are a lot of two seat versions and operators in the area.

1000/492: 08 July 2011: Interlaken with paragliders

Returned to base to get ready for dinner - we’re coming back into town later. Here’s the hotel with youngest daughter standing on our shared balcony – a nice family arrangement.

Hotel Alpenrose, Wilderswil

Fairly dramatic thunderstorm late afternoon – serious rain – but it did freshen the atmosphere a bit.

Swiss rain

As planned, once the rain had stopped we went back into Interlaken – another three cheers for free rail travel – and found somewhere for dinner. The hotel food is pretty good but our intent was to find somewhere a little cheaper. We rapidly discovered everywhere costs the same and it’s all expensive. Not to worry – after a swift one of these everything seemed fine. A good way to end the day.


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