Friday, 22 July 2011

1000/495: 11 July 2011: In the footsteps of James Bond

Last day for a trip into the mountains today so we’re going for another high one – Schilthorn and the Piz Gloria – scene of the James Bond movie that featured George Lazonby. But – it’s a lovely day and there’s no point in rushing . First off – the cable car from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp.

Cable Car from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp

Then a train ride along the very edge of the Lauterbrunnen valley to Winteregg (a concession to youngest daughter who didn’t want to walk all the way) and a gentle stroll to Mürren. Stonking  - and inevitable – views of the mountains, and wildflowers and butterflies all the way.

Walking from Winteregg to Mürren - view to JungfrauAlpine blossom

Feel sure I should be able to identify the butterfly, but it’s not happening. Then some more walking – two more cable cars and lo and behold we’re at the souvenir shop and restaurant. Which is just as well because I was thirsty and hungry, and in all fairness, this was the best value meal we had in the whole country. Of course, I only took a photo of the beer!

Beer o'clock

Even at nearly ten thousand feet, and with snow still on the ground, Switzerland still manages to produce flowers.

Flowers even at 9,750 feet

For once I also remembered to take a shot of all three of us together, with the film location in the background.

1000/495: 11 July 2011: In the footsteps of James Bond

Fortunately there were enough gaps in the cloud to see that the site really did live up to its claim of having the best views of the surrounding mountains, so yet more megapixels were committed to memory.

It's a long way down

Eventually we’d had our fill and meandered back down to the hotel for a final, quiet evening in Wilderswil and a stroll along the ‘round village walk’. The museum was closed – although we visited it last time we were here - so I settled for a shot of the old mill wheel and a final shot of the setting sun on the mountains behind the hotel. Tomorrow it’s cities – starting with the capital – Berne.

Wilderswil village museumA last view of the mountains

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