Monday, 1 August 2011

1000/497: 13 July 2011: The eyes have it


Just for fun I thought I’d open with a shot of a collection of glass eyes from the Musee d’Histoire des Sciences. It’s not quite what I was expecting to look at early on my first day in Geneva, but the weather was unhelpfully moist, and the museum was helpfully close to the hotel.

Was partially expecting youngest daughter to complain bitterly, but if there’s one thing to say about your progeny it’s that they can always surprise you. She gave a very good impression of being really interested – perhaps because she could dash round explaining things to Mum – and to give her credit, perhaps because many of the exhibits were inherently beautiful and interesting. Here she is demonstrating the effect of atmospheric pressure by trying to separate two halves of a metal globe which has been evacuated with a pump.


No great artistic merit in the next shot, but as an ex-chemist I felt I had to include it. The centrepiece of the museum for the time we were there was a ‘Story of Chemistry’ exhibition.


By the time we came out of the museum – we’d planned for 15-20 minutes, but it was more like an hour or two – the rain had stopped so we could walk along the bank of Lac Leman and get a view of the iconic Jet d’Eau.

Jet d'EA

The walk into town was punctuated by a rather fun – and sometimes thought-provoking – display of political and environmental cartoons. Interestingly, none of these had been ‘improved ‘ by half-wits with felt pens – which I can’t see happening in good old Blighty, sadly.

And finally, to finish today’s posts, another clock – must be something about Switzerland that clocks are worth listing as a significant tourist attraction This one was very pretty, although a tad impractical. This one boasted the longest second hand in the world until outdone by a clock in Iran, and somewhat oddly, is in the Jardin Anglais.


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