Wednesday, 10 August 2011

1000/520: 05 August 2011: Nesting Swallows

Interesting how close some birds will get to people and appear largely unfazed. This nes is stuck to our wall about 2 feet to the left of our front door and inches from our lounge window.

It's a bit sheltered from the view of unwanted guests by a large hanging basket and appears to contain 3 or 4 chicks.

I am ill inclined to disturb them so this was taken from a bit of a distance and I restricted myself to just two shots through an open window, where I lodged myself behind the curtain.

It's a bit of a miracle of engineering - considerably more substantial than a house martins nest, although largely built using the same technique.

This is the first swallows nest we've had on a wall - they nested in the beams of the garage before but i my experience they've always been built on a flat surface. You live and learn.

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