Saturday, 8 October 2011

1000/601: 05 Oct 2011: My weapon of choice

Lots of fuss is made in Olympus camera forums about the 'classic' E-1 and the joys of using it, so I may be in a minority. I put mine in a box once I got the E-3 and haven't taken it out since.

I love using the E-3 - the buttons and dials are all in the right place for my hands it balances nicely and just feels right. I've used it under the Jet in geneva with water literally running from the body, and in the heat and dust of Egypt -. It's never faltered, I've never had any obvious dust spots on the sensor and it's earned enough money to pay for itself several times over.

So three cheers for the unsung hero in most of my photos.

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