Wednesday, 9 November 2011

1000/632: 05 Nov 2011: It's not all hills...

Think of Cumbria - think of hills seems to be the way of things, but there's a whole chunk of the county that is as flat as Lincolnshire - the Solway Plain, which in my mind at least starts some way south of Silloth and then runs up to Carlisle.
This shot, inland from and towards Silloth captures the feel of the whole stretch.
The highest point is on a sheep and you can chose your vegetation from moss or grass.
Actually, I love it - the sky seems higher up and there's just so much space and so few people. It's a shame more people don't come to enjoy it, although that would defeat the latter part, but it would mean that the money pouring into the Lakes was more widely shared around the county. We can but hope.

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