Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It’s not called Iceland for nothing

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m beginning to grow a list of places that I could probably visit again and again and never tire of them. Uluru/Ayers Rock is one, as is the Kruger. This year I’ve added another to the list – Jokulsarlon – a lake at the edge of the Vatnjokull glacier. A glacier bordering water means – icebergs. Lots of them.

The other thing about this lake is that you can take a boat among the ‘bergs – like

this one. Get onto on dry land – then it drives into the water and becomes a boat. Sadly , in spite of it being a wonderful evening, we didn’t do this. We arrived late afternoon, having spent all day driving from the fjordlands of the south-east, and concluded that we could come back next day. Hah!! We had considered the changeability of Icelandic weather.

There’s an old saying about making hay while the sun shines – it also applies to boat trips. The next two days were truly foul with a force 8 wind and regular heavy showers. So. I’m glad I took the following while I had the chance.

All was not lost the next  day though – the  rough weather had washed a number of the ‘bergs out of the lake and they were washed up on the local beach. The only challenge was photography in the pouring rain and howling wind.

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