Sunday, 11 October 2009

Waterfalls – hundreds of them (Part 2)

Now for some rather more delicate ones:


I think this is Foss a Sidu. It was one of the more dramatic of the waterfalls inland of the N1 running along the south of the island. I’m guessing the cliff is the leading edge of some ancient lava flow.  The flow of water wasn’t huge but I was taken by the juxtaposition with the houses. I guess it’s possible to get used to the sound of that much water falling that close to your bedroom. It was possible to walk right up to the base of this one – this next shot was taken with the ultra-wide angle while standing in 3 inches of water in the middle of the stream.

In this example I’ve concentrated on the rocks at the base of the fall – to be honest I wish I’d taken more care with the depth of field – but I think the slight lack of focus on the main falls works OK.


A more deliberate and extreme use of shallow DoF worked rather well at Gufufoss on the road to Seydisfjordur, and provided a nice backdrop for the harebells in this one, with a general view alongside for comparison.


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