Tuesday, 6 April 2010

365 Challenge 45/46: 5-6 April 2010

5 April 2010 – Day 45
Travelled back from the west country on Bank Holiday Monday, which seemed barmy at first sight , but actually turned out to be quite an easy trip with only light traffic. Even so, 5.5 hours in a car is going some, so as a tribute to good ol’ Betsy I thought I’d post a picture of her keys.  Would have to confess to this being less than my best picture – but after all that time in the car I was a little short of inspiration.
Got a lot of ribbing for choosing an Alfa -  but it’s been totally reliable for the first 35,000 miles – and great fun to drive.
Day 46 - 6 April 2010
As I think I mentioned previously I’ve just signed up for a photography degree with the Open College of the Arts. The material for the first course arrived today, wrapped in corporately coloured tissue no less. To mark the occasion thought I’d set up a still life out of the box.
You can follow my efforts on my other blog if you’re so inclined.

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