Friday, 23 April 2010

365 Challenge Day 60: 20 April 2010 – Oriental Memorabilia

Our house seems to be full of Japanese, Chinese and Korean memorabilia – little souvenirs given to me for time spent entertaining visitors to my previous employer – fans, table runners, hanging decorations, masks and my personal favourite – a postcard of a Japanese temple scene drawn by a TV cameraman I escorted on a couple of occasions.  His smile and wave when he realised he recognised me among a sea of strange faces on his second visit is one of those memories that is precious in a way you can’t quite explain.
For some reason I find all these ornaments infinitely more interesting than most British memorabilia – perhaps it’s the brightness of the colours or the fact that they reference a culture I barely begin to understand. Either way – there are a few more of them to photograph between now and Day 365 so here’s another example.

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