Saturday, 24 April 2010

365 Challenge Days 61-64: 21-24 April 2010 : A bit of a mixture

21st April and its Work Life Balance day at work – encouraging us to be a little bit fitter, a bit less stressed, and generally better off all round. Did the site comms team a favour and saved the company some money by doing the pictures for the newsletter. Here are a couple of my colleagues discussing spinning as a hobby:
Immediately the work life balance event was done it was a trip to head office, followed by my first night away for quite a while. Next day (22nd)  in the office, then the drive home – this one jumped out at me as it was sitting on the table after dinner. How did we live without these things – and how, exactly, do they relate to work-life balance?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Onwards and upwards to picture 63 and 23rd April. Bought these two at the hippie market in Ibiza in 2005. Not sure that i recall making enamelled geckos as a trademark talent of hippiedom, but who’s complaining. They’re mounted in the stairwell, and every time I see them I reminded of a rather pleasant family holiday which seemed to consist largely of sun sea and sangria. And after all .. that’s the point of a holiday souvenir.
And finally bang up to date again with picture 64 on 24th April. Spent a half an hour scouting out bits of Silloth for one of my photo degree projects. The good thing about digital cameras is that you can use them as the equivalent of an artists sketch book without spending a fortune on film and developing. This looks like a nice idea for when the sky is bluer and the air less hazy.
One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s not taking the photo every day that is causing me issues, it’s remembering/having the time to post them.

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