Monday, 12 April 2010

365 Challenge Days 50-52: 10-12 April 2010 – A sunny weekend

Typically the weekend after the Bank Holiday has been delightful, so I thought I’d go for a series of images to capture a delightful spring weekend.
First up from Saturday morning (10 April) on the dunes near the entrance to Silloth Dock. this is one of a series that our youngest agreed to model for as part of my degree – the first lesson in fact.
Think she liked it – its her Facebook avatar now.
Next up – Sunday afternoon (11 April) – and a stroll around Siddick Pond with Marion. Lots of bird life and signs of spring everywhere. Not sure if this is Alder or Willow (the former I think) – but either way I was taken by the colour against the blue sky.

And finally for this entry – one taken in the garden after work this afternoon. (12 April) Never quite sure why this combination works so well on flowering redcurrant. it would look pretty awful as a colour scheme in the living room.


Saranne said...

Great pic of Naomi - she's a natural!

Nigel Monckton said...

Thanks - we had a bit of fun with the shooting that day.