Saturday, 7 August 2010

365/164: 02 August 2010: Bought at the shop on the hill

… because they must have seen us coming. As part of our trip around Cairo we got to visit a perfume blending house. As usual with these things it was a (very) thinly disguised opportunity for the local salesman to extract as much money from my wallet as possible while being completely charming – which he was. The upshot being that we now have a collection of perfumes that smell – for the most part – pretty much like some of the stuff we wear anyway, together with this device to make the house smell of orange blossom. It was thrown in as part of the haggling, and a good time was had by all I think. And now I’m the proud owner of an elephant shaped oil evaporator – three cheers for kitsch. Wonder if BP have a use for it.

On a side note, they served us some hibiscus tea, which was the first time I’d ever drunk it – very pleasant – hoping I can get it in Sainsbury’s.


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