Sunday, 6 February 2011

365/351: 05 February 2011: Kestrel in Euston Station

WAs eating lunch on the balcony of the pub inside Euston station when I noticed a kestrel sitting on an aerial of some description. At first I though it was a plastic model put up to bother the pigeons, but the thought obviously offended it and it flew around for a bit to make a point.

Wasn’t equipped to photography small birds at long distances, but took this shot anyhow. Said bird is just visible silhouetted against the sky to the left of the dark pillars on the right  of the shot.



bughunter said...

I saw it too. I go through Euston about once a month. It was there yesterday (3 Mar 11) and it was there around the end of January so it has survived a month but it doesn't look happy

Nigel Monckton said...

Am guessing it's natural prey is in short supply, and with all the station improvements in recent years I'm guessing it'll struggle to find a way out

Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel,

I'm writing from the Springwatch team. We're looking at coming to investigate the sightings of a kestrel at Euston station. Do you still see the bird and do you have any other photos of it?

If so it would be great if you could email me at

Many thanks


marshall said...

I saw a bird of prey yesterday in Euston station. It was in the rafters and flying around looking for birds. I am sure it is not a kestrel, it is a sparrow hawk. It flys like a hawk, the plumage and speckled colours are more like a hawk. Looking around the rafters pigeons seem to have disappeared, could that be why?

Nigel Monckton said...

Hmm! Guess it must be adifferent bird 'cos the one I saw was definitely a kestrel. I'm thinking it would be fairly easy to find a way in but much tougher to find a way out.