Wednesday, 27 April 2011

1000/427: 23 April 2011: Radstock

1000/427 by nmonckton
1000/427 a photo by nmonckton on Flickr.

Visiting the West Country this weekend - even after 30 years away it somehow still feels like coming home.

Anyway - this is the centre of Radstock. Not a place I visited much when I was young - generally did our shopping in Midsomer Norton, Wells or Bath for some reason.

I'm old enough to remember when these pit wheels were actually functional, rather than a monument to a lost industrial past, but I would have to admit this one does make a rather excellent focal poiont in the town centre.

The only other things I really remember about Radstock from my youth are the chess club in the library and visits to the school dentist.. I have just lost part of one of the fillinge they put in so am of to my own dentist next week. :(

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