Wednesday, 27 April 2011

1000/428: 24 April 2011: Somerset and Dorset Railway Heritage Trust

1000/428 by nmonckton
1000/428 a photo by nmonckton on Flickr.
They aren't going to make a fortune on the back of my publicity but I thought I'd plug their full name.

This Sunday afternoon we walked off our lunch with agentle walk down to the old railway station which the trust use as their HQ. Got there a bit late so the museum was just closing, but the Anderson shelter and the wartime memorabilia in the old Pill Box were fascinating.

Down on the platform there was a little diesel givng rides up and down the track, and this characterful collection of old trunks and cases.

I have childhood memories of S&D steam trains chugging up the slope from Radstock past the end of my Grandad's garden in Chilcompton and I can also remember peering through my letterbox at Mr Beechings axe as it chopped up the track down the road from my house. Without groups like this our heritage just becomes dusty old history.

Why not pop in and see them next time you're down in Somerset:

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