Tuesday, 2 August 2011

1000/499: 15 July 2011: Crossing the Lake

Went over the lake today to explore some of the parks/gardens on the south shore, and visit Natural History Museum. On of the (many) joys of being a tourist in Switzerland is that you get to use local public transport free of charge courtesy of a handy little ticket they pass out in local hotels. In Geneva that means you get to use the local water-taxis  without wondering if you need to sell a kidney.

Mouettes, Geneva

Another benefit of being a tourist is that you have a very leisurely breakfast and after a gentle stroll you find that, inexplicably, it’s lunchtime and you need a glass of something and some Swiss cake in a picturesque tea-bar.


This next piece of whimsy is not of my doing – although I would have to confess to being a willing subject. The tree is a redwood of some description. One of the features of redwoods is that they have really soft bark – which means you can give them a good solid full-on punch without hurting your knuckles – which really impresses the kids the first time you do it. Of course, it pays to check the bark first!

Found me!

But..on to the museum, which was very good as these things often are. A few too many stuffed critters for my tastes in some places, but the interpretive displays were excellent – and in French. Nice range of relatively modern and themed statuary about the place as well, which always adds something I think.

This isn't cricket - or is it?

As you can see – just – the outside of the building was being renovated (think I’ve mentioned this issue before), but the inside was very well laid out.

Natural History Museum, Geneva

Caught this shot of a black kite on the way back to the hotel.

Black Kite over Geneva

Returned to the Old Town for dinner this evening – here we have an excellent roast beef and chips and Les Armatures (highly recommended if you’re ever that way)

Roast Beef and tartare sauce, Les Armatures, Geneva

And we rounded of another excellent day with a quick trip to the waterfront before catching a late bus home. It’s a tad blurred as it was hand held with partial support from a wobbly railing – but it’s effective enough.


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