Thursday, 4 August 2011

1000/500: 16 July 2011: Montreux - a long-term ambition

Well here I am  at the half-way stage of the 1000-day challenge and, completely by coincidence, we have an absolutely gorgeous day to celebrate. This is just as well, because today we get to fulfil one of Marion's long held ambitions – to take me to Monteux. Apparently she spent a very happy week camping there as a teenager and has wanted to go back ever since – well, today’s the day.

And to prove we’ve done it – here’s a pic of the pair of us in Montreux – obviously not taken by me – but I took dozens of others so that’s not a problem challenge-wise.

1000/500: 16 July 2011: Montreux - a long-term ambition

It was the last weekend of the Jazz Festival and the place was absolutely packed, but as usual I’ve managed to photograph it so that it looks deserted – not always a good thing – but a worthy skill on this occasion.

The promenade area was full of nicely manicured lawns and somewhat wacky, Zen influenced statuary. What you cant see is the hippie market ranged out behind me, full of the inevitable stalls selling sunglasses, leather handbags, aura cleansing crystals and whale music – but in fairness, even these had a certain air of sensible Swiss quality to them.

Grand Hotel - wacky statues

Oddly, the only place without a market stall was the Market Hall – which as you can see was occupied by four children and nothing else.

Markthalle, Montreux

We wandered  - perhaps even meandered along the Prom, past Teritet – flowers everywhere and a drop dead gorgeous backdrop of blue sky, lake and mountains – heading for Chateau Chillon. Stopped for lunch at a local tennis club on the way – the Plat du Jour was a delicious and remarkably good value chicken and mushroom casserole.

Colour contrasts Looking across the bay to Montreux

The Chateau eventually hove into view through the trees and a good solid piece of mediaeval construction it is too.

Chateau Chillon Chateau Chillon again

.We took a local train back to town, wandered around the market, listened to some live music, ate an ice cream and then took the train back to Geneva.

And that’s it really. Montreux was every bit as delightful as Marion said it would be – one day we’ll go there for the Jazz Festival.

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