Friday, 5 August 2011

1000/503: 19 July 2011: Last Day

Had hoped to go for a nice walk to look at all the UN related buildings in ‘our’ bit of Geneva today, but the weather was on the wet day of its alternations – so we went for a very damp and very quick walk before retiring to the safety of the hotel lounge to wait for our lift to the airport.

This is the largest UN building outside of New York:


This is what international terrorism has done for us – made it impossible to get close to those we pay for/elect to represent us in the rest of the world. Well done guys!

Opposite the entrance is this rather striking art-work, which is about the impact of land-mines – and rather good it is too, in my book. Called The Broken Chair, it was sculpted by Swiss artist, Daniel Berset.

P7192643.jpgBroken Chair, Daniel Berset

And, as a final goodbye shot – here’s one of the hotel – the Hotel Eden, Rue de Lausanne. Comes highly recommended – nice atmosphere, nice rooms, nice food and convenient to a bus route into town.


Sad to be going – there are some bits of Switzerland that challenge Uluru and Jokullsarlon as my favourite places in the world.

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