Friday, 5 August 2011

1000/502: 18 July 2011: Jet d’Eau

It’s big, it’s iconic, it’s Geneva’s clearest landmark – so today I’m going to dedicate the whole post to the various moods of the Jet d’Eau. The good thing about today was that the weather ended up very nice but started off a bit variable so I’ve had a chance to get the Jet in several different moods in a single day.

And that’s it really – for a change I’ll let the photos do ALL the talking.

The Jet d'Eau from somewhere near Parc La Grange, Geneva From Bains des Paquis From the Pierres du Niton From a water taxi The Jet from the Lighthouse, Geneva From Jette des Eaux-Vives, Geneva Underneath the Jet Early Evening Jet Nightfall in Geneva

Tomorrow is our last day in Switzerland – for this holiday at least.

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