Thursday, 4 August 2011

1000/501: 17 July 2011: Rain – and modern art

Woken by the sound of construction work and rain – although fortunately not too early. the fact that a guy dressed in full industrial waterproofs feels he needs an umbrella as well should give some clue as to how hard it was raining.

Rain - again

Not to worry – to cheer ourselves up we’re going to the Batiment d’Art Contemporain – the modern art museum. Musee d'Art Modern et Contemporain, Geneva

And great fun it was too. The first exhibition we visited was by a guy called Markus Raetz, who does a wonderful line in objects that shape shift as you move around them. Here’s an example – the object on the right is being reflected in the mirror on the left – how you visualise this eludes me.


On the same floor, but next door there was a minimalist living room with a couple of genuine Sol LeWitts

Sol LeWitt, MAMCO

Also showing on that floor was an exhibition of Europunk – when I got to it it was playing Don’t Dictate, by Penetration – a song I have at home on 10” black vinyl. Can’t imagine what all those rebellious punks would think of the idea of their work being considered art – interesting irony.

A floor down there was a large collection of Cosima von Bonin works, including this somewhat odd Missy Misdemeanour, the Vomiting Chick. The rocket appears to be a separate piece.

Missy Misdemeanour, The Vomiting White Chick - Cosima von Bonin

Back to reality – oh! There goes gravity – as someone once said. Geneva was a centre of the European reformation movement and commemorates this with an enormous wall with carvings of reformation worthies. Here it is in drizzle:

The Reformation Wall, Geneva

And to end a fairly odd collection of spectacles, here's the longest park bench in the world.

Worlds Longest Park Bench, Geneva

After all this excitement/craziness a lie down would have been in order, but as you can see - it was a bit damp.

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